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Templeton CHP officer involved in four-vehicle collision near Paso Robles

Posted at 11:35 AM, May 30, 2020

A CHP Templeton officer was involved in a four-vehicle collision Friday night near Paso Robles.

No injuries were reported, officials say.

According to a news release sent to KSBY, CHP Templeton Officer Denker, ID 19700 was stopped at the intersection of Highway 46 and Union Road at approximately 7:43 p.m. Denker was preparing to make a left turn onto the highway, heading westbound.

As the officer was stopped, 21-year-old Nicholas Mccollum of Citrus Heights was heading eastbound on the highway in a silver Nissan Altima on the leftmost lane at about 60 miles per hour. A black Honda CR-V driven by Margarita Santiago, 47, of Paso Robles was driving behind Mccollum, according to CHP officials.

Meanwhile, officials say 25-year-old Louis Carlos of San Luis Obispo was driving eastbound on the #2 lane in a dark blue Chevrolet Silverado on Highway 46.

CHP officers say Mccollum believed he was about to proceed through a stop sign when he saw the CHP patrol vehicle stopped. Mccollum then locked on the brakes to stop his vehicle, causing a chain reaction.

According to CHP officials, Santiago immediately reacted by swerving to the right. Afterward, the right front of her vehicle impacted the left side of Carlos' car, which was sent "spinning out of control" in a counter-clockwise motion.

Carlos' vehicle's right rear end collided with the patrol vehicle's front end before coming to rest, officials say.

The collision resulted in property damage only. Officials say they do not believe DUI was a contributing factor.

CHP Officer Van Horn is investigating the incident.