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Templeton officer-involved shooting leaves a deputy injured, community shares concern for recent incidents

Posted at 10:44 PM, Sep 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-25 02:06:41-04

The shooting in Templeton Thursday left a Sheriff's deputy injured and the suspect dead.

According to Sheriff Ian Parkinson, the suspect was a wanted felon who was considered to be armed and dangerous.

The number of officer-involved shootings in recent months, puts many in the community on edge.

“I heard initially maybe three or four and than a sporadic amount of shots after that I couldn’t count," Miles Hewston, a Paso Robles resident, said.

The suspect in the incident was reported to run through the vineyards along Theatre Drive toward Templeton Cemetery, where officers say the suspect fired multiple rounds from a handgun.

Some nearby residents were unable to access their homes for hours, as officials conducted an investigation.

One resident says his landlord was home at the time where shots came close to their property.

“Our trailer is like 60 feet from where it happened," Templeton resident Samuel Porter said.

Thursday's incident marks the third officer-involved shooting since June.

Kimberly O'Farrell Soto from Nipomo says the number of shootings is alarming to witness.

“It's hit really close to home and it almost makes you leery or feel like you have to look over your shoulder, I mean all three of these incidents happened early in the day," she said.

Sheriff Ian Parkinson also noted the number of recent shootings in a press conference Thursday afternoon.

“To have two active shooter cases, one up here in Paso Robles and one in Nipomo is unusual in itself," he said.

Parkinson also revealed details of the suspect.

"The suspect in this case is a convicted felon and has an outstanding felony warrant. He has an extensive history of multiple weapon charges and is a member of a white supremacist gang," Parkinson said.

The Sheriff's Office says search warrants were being served on the suspect's home in the hours following the shooting.

The name of the suspect is expected to be released by Friday morning.