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The 8th annual San Luis Obispo County Restaurant Month will once again offer meals in-person

Posted at 6:40 AM, Jan 18, 2022

The 8th annual San Luis Obispo County Restaurant Month will once again offer meals in-person. Last year it was modified to take out only because of the pandemic.

Restaurant Month in San Luis Obispo County is here. During January, participating restaurants are offering three-course meals for a reduced price. These menus cost anywhere from $39-$59 per person or are 20 percent off regular menu items.

"We have four restaurants and all four of them are doing the restaurant course meal, so they're all four doing that same thing, but it's going to be different menus at the other places," said Sunsets at Pismo Manager, Celena Marcado.

Sunsets at Pismo is a participating restaurant with a deal on one of the most popular 3-course meals.

"A total of almost 40 dollars and we're selling it for 30," said Marcado.

Marcado says the event is popular with out of town visitors as well.

"Yeah we have all our people from the valley that come every week and weekend too, they come for weekends," said Marcado.

Restaurant owners hope the event will help offset some of the negative impacts of the pandemic.

"Restaurants just want to be here to support. To support the community and to support the tourism that is coming to the market," said Visit SLO Cal PR & Communications Manager, Eric Parker.

For those who are still trying to social distance, takeout is still an option but an in-person element has been added this year.

"Last year was really exciting and different because people were able to do takeout, and so this year we're back in the restaurant, back takeout. People can choose their options," said Parker.

Parker says their biggest initiative is to get people to travel throughout the county.

"We wanted representation in every part of the county, so we have most of the cities represented," said Parker.

Fish Gaucho has been participating in restaurant month for five years, and says this year is different from years past.

"We love restaurant month here at Fish Gaucho. It's a great way for the community to come together and SLO County to get an opportunity to showcase these items during a slower month," said Fish Gaucho General Manager, Lily Larkin.

Some restaurants are struggling to stay open during restaurant month due to the spike in COVID-19 cases.

"Staffing is really challenging," said The Spoon Trade Co-Owner, Brooke Town.

The Spoon Trade had to shut down earlier this month because of COVID related staffing shortages.

"We were down 5, 6...6 days of service," said Town.

Town says while they hope to continue to provide in person service, they will return to take out only if necessary.

"Right now I feel like it's a little lighter than it would be normally. I think by next week we'll see things start to ramp up, people getting well, getting back on the street, getting back into restaurants again," said Town.

This event will continue for the rest of January and participating restaurants are excited to see members of the community and those who are visiting come out in support of the event.