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Parents react to end of mask mandate for K-12 schools

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Posted at 6:23 AM, Mar 01, 2022

On Monday Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the California indoor mask mandate will be lifted on March 12th for K-12 schools and child care centers.

Amber Griffin has children in middle school and kindergarten. She views Monday's announcement as a win for her and her children.

"I'm absolutely ecstatic because I was just at the last board meeting and spoke in regards to exactly that and I will be at the next board meeting [Tuesday] night, still fighting for the kids," the Lucia Mar School District parent told KSBY.

Griffin says there are pros and cons to lifting the mandate in middle schools.

"Middle school I feel like those kids are dealing with more depression, or just adolescence, hormones and all of that stuff and they have these things to mask them and some of them don't want them to be lifted so we have to worry about that part of it," said Griffin.

She sees it having a positive impact on younger children.

"The little ones, I’m so excited for them because speech, and learning to talk again and learning how to say words and all the things," said Griffin.

Other parents we spoke with are also happy to hear the mandate is being lifted.

"They're really just not happy from having to wear a mask every day at school and seeing other people not wearing a mask outside of class," said parent Flor Morales.

Some parents are relieved that children starting kindergarten in the fall will have a normal transition into school, without masks.

"I have a 5-year-old that should be starting kindergarten soon, so I think she will be happy not having to wear a mask in class," said Morales.

But not all parents are happy about the mandate being lifted, citing safety concerns.

"I'm a little concerned, you know, because of the safety of my children," said parent Edgar Palencia.

Edgar Palencia says the announcement comes as a bit of a relief because he thinks his son will be more comfortable without the mask and better able to socialize, but with that relief comes concern about what this could mean for his child's safety.

"I'm a little relieved, but a little concerned about the whole situation," said Palencia.

The mask mandate will be lifted for K-12 schools on March 12 – though masks will no longer be required in these settings they are still strongly recommended.