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The Central Coast will likely feel the effects of a heat wave this Labor Day weekend

Sunset over Pismo Pier
Posted at 10:51 PM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-30 01:53:15-04

The Central Coast will likely feel the effects of a heat wave this Labor Day weekend, and residents are planning to beat the heat at the beach.

"Just walk and enjoy the ocean. It's beautiful out here. Enjoy!" said Pamela Siglin, Pismo Beach resident.

"Probably come to the beach again," said Sharon Munyon, Nipomo resident.

Pismo Beach is a popular destination for those living in the Central Valley who are looking to cool off, but hot temperatures for Pismo Beach don't necessarily translate to hot temperatures for the central valley.

"If it's in the 80's that's cool in the valley so it's pretty awesome," said Munyon.

...But Five Cities Fire Authority says it can still be dangerous at the beaches when people don't prepare for high temperatures.

"We're surfing, we're on the lakes, doing yard work is you have to be really cognizant of your level of exertion when it's really hot out," said Steve Lieberman, Five Cities Fire Department Fire Chief.

Beach goers can avoid the negative effects of the heat by wearing light clothing and taking time to cool off in the shade.

"Hoping that they're making good decisions in terms of fire prevention and safety, but we're also hoping they're drinking tons of water and they're spending time in the shade or in air conditioned vehicles," said Lieberman.

It is also important to check on elderly family members and friends.

"We want people to enjoy this holiday weekend, but we want them to do it safely," said Lieberman.

Central Coast residents share how they stay cool when temperatures are hot.

"Bring a lot of water," said Siglin.

"Just stay in the shade and drink plenty of water and enjoy the ocean," said Munyon.

Parents say in addition to sunscreen they try to incorporate water activities to stay cool and have fun.

"I keep her hydrated, we do a lot of stuff that involves water. She gets popsicles you know what I mean?" said Dominique Barnett, Pismo Beach resident.

If you don't have air conditioning in your home you can open your windows for increased ventilation.