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The interior valleys of San Luis Obispo County will face widespread freezing conditions

Frost on windshield
Posted at 4:58 AM, Nov 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-25 07:58:03-05

The interior valleys of San Luis Obispo County will face widespread freezing conditions tonight into Thanksgiving morning.

"If you have houseplants protect them by putting them in a covered patio area," said Growing Grounds Retail Associate, Lela Whittier.

Words of advice ahead of a chilly night here on the Central Coast.

Whittier says when temperatures approach 50 to 45 degrees it's time to move the plants inside or to a covered area. If you can't move your plant use a blanket to cover it up and keep it warm.

"Succulents are the same way. They can have damage too, especially if it gets really cold. What you're going to be concerned about is not daytime, it's at night," said Whittier.

And Wednesday night is going to be cold, not ideal weather for plants or animals.

"It's not just that you get down to 32 degrees, it's how long do you stay there or below 32 degrees. If it's 3 hours or more you can do damage to crops and plants and some animals that are sensitive," said KSBY Chief Meteorologist, Dave Hovde.

Animals, like cats, can be especially sensitive to freezing temperatures outside. It's best to be prepared and bring them inside sooner rather than later.

"I wouldn't wait until the temperature forecast is 32. I think anywhere, 35 or so, this is a time especially if you have a cat that's outside it's time to bring them in and let them stay in some shelter," said Hovde.

The cool temperatures are also contributing to wildifre risks.

"We need to also be aware, when conditions are both cold and warm and dry and breezy, not only do you have to think about frost but you have to think about fire," said Hovde.

And not just wildfires. Cal Fire tells us they see an increase in calls for house fires when people turn up the heat.

"Typically as we get into that first cold night of the winter time people are starting those heaters for the first time or having a fire in the fire place," said Cal Fire Battalion Chief, Jon Heggie.

Heggie says if you're planning on using a heater or fireplace to warm up tonight make sure it's working properly, especially before going to sleep.

"If it seems like it's not working, you smell something or you're generating smoke inside your home, please stop what you're doing and either call the power company or call the fire department," said Heggie.

There's a lot going on with weather right now from warm to cold temperatures and even wild fire risks. To find the latest weather updates visit to keep you and your family safe this holiday season.