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The Positive Change Movement: Spreading kindness one beanie at a time

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jan 01, 2021

A local grassroots project is spreading kindness throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Last month, Nanci Wood Clifford found a blue beanie outside the Paso Robles Post Office.

"As I got closer, I read the tag and it said something about, 'I'm not lost. I've been made for someone to keep them warm,'" Wood Clifford explained.

It's The Positive Change Movement and this Winter, hundreds of scarves, beanies, gloves, and socks have been left around the county for those with nothing to stay warm.

Elizabeth Denny of Los Osos is behind it all.

"I just love giving back, love spreading kindness and helping out others," Denny said.

The Giving Tree in Downtown San Luis Obispo is just one location where Denny has left beanies. The tree has fishing line around it so you can also add to the tree or take from it, if needed.

"To me, the most beautiful part of it is that she may never know who she blesses," Wood Clifford said.

Everything is made with love and through donation.

"This year, I was able to knit I think 9 to 12 beanies and I also had some fabric donated by friends, some fleece, so I was able to make some fleece
beanies as well," said Laura Learned of Paso Robles.

Denny says she's always loved to volunteer, even at a young age. She started the movement in 2018 after many people said they wanted to give back.

"I just thought, you know what? I'm just going to start a hub for everybody," Denny said.

Those interested in joining the change can find The Positive Change Movement on Instagram and Facebook.

"You may not be able to do a lot but if everybody does a little, it'll make things better," Learned said.

Wood Clifford says it's an act of kindness that didn't go unnoticed.

"I was just really touched that somebody was doing that for somebody they would never, they'd never know the recipient of their love."

"I just want to put a little light out in the community," Denny said.

This holiday season, Denny was also able to raise thousands of dollars and gift donations to help at least 30 families make Christmas possible.