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The West Coast Kustoms Car Show and Cruise returns to Santa Maria for its 42nd year

Posted at 7:19 PM, May 26, 2022

The West Coast Kustoms Car Show and Cruise is returning to Santa Maria for its 42nd year.

The Historic Santa Maria Inn is the host hotel for the car show and houses many of the participants. All 164 rooms are booked this weekend.

"The West Coast Customs Car Show drives business throughout the entire city," said Ryan Swack, Historic Santa Maria Inn General Manager.

Not just the local hotels see more business, but restaurants do as well.

“It not only boosts our popularity, but it helps us a lot with earning money and stuff,” said Eduardo Rosillo, Jim’s Burgers Restaurant Owners Son.

“Across the street is their hotel, so they come here for lunch and then they come here for dinner,” said Chuilong Shi, Magic Dragon Server.

But like some other local businesses, the inn is struggling to find staff.

"Yeah, staffing has been an issue for every business I think throughout California and throughout the entire country," said Swack.

The inn has enough staff to service the guests, but they are in search of additional staff members.

"Every business would like a few additional staff members including us," said Swack.

While local businesses look forward to the increased revenue over the weekend, the car show also serves as a fundraiser for those with Alzheimer's.

"They do these panels and different art things and then they auction them off and the proceeds go to Alzheimer's," said Pichette.

For Penny Pichette, this event is about more than just the cars.

"The founder, my husband who started this, passed away from Alzheimer's over 10 years ago," said Pichette.

And she’s touched by all of those who donate their time to raise money for a cause that means so much to her.

"So it's really special. Very, very special to all of us and everybody that's known him," said Pichette.

If you would like to check out the car show it will be in Santa Maria all weekend long with live music and auctions.