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"Tiny pups" Jack and Sally are our Pet(s) of the week

Posted at 10:33 AM, Aug 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-19 13:33:53-04

Many of the "Pets of the Week" we have featured are on the larger side but many of the other pets at Woods Humane Society are much smaller, even on the side of tiny!

This weeks Pet(s) of the Week combined barely total ten pounds but they do have plenty of love to give.

This we are featuring a bonded pair of senior chihuahuas, Sally and Jack!

More information aboutSally and Jack can be found at the links on their names!

Robin Coleman from Woods Humane Society told us a bit more about them. She told us "We have Jack and Sally, two senior mini pups, we call them here. They are about seven and ten years old."

They are a bonded pair and are looking for a home together. Coleman continued "They love each other. They are really easygoing and they will just be happy with pretty much hanging out at home with you, hanging on the couch, going for a little tiny walks, sunbathing, really they just want to be with each other, want to eat some yummy food and take lots of naps and cuddles."

They have been at Woods for more than 30 days so they are fee waived as part of the ongoing "dogust" promotion at Woods where all dogs that have been at the shelter for more than 30 days can be adopted without fees. Coleman added, "If you are looking for cute duo in your life, they are fee waved here at woods. They've been with us for a little while. We would love to find them a home soon. They're kind of sad here at the shelter and ready for a real life out in SLO. If you would like to adopt them, come meet them today at Woods Humane Society."

Sally and Jack are both good with other pets, and children.

Woods Humane Society is open daily from noon to 5pm for adoptions and more information on the pets currently available and how to adopt them can be found at this link.