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Traffic congestion near San Luis Obispo vaccination site could ease with new location

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Posted at 11:16 PM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 02:16:57-05

More local residents are now able to get a COVID-19 vaccine which is a welcome relief for some, but an influx of people heading to one vaccination site is causing a headache for others.

Neighbors on Sierra Way in San Luis Obispo say the street has become full of traffic due to people coming to get vaccinated.

On Wednesday the county announced a new vaccination site they're hoping will reduce the amount of congestion on this street.

"[The traffic from the site] really impacted us coming up and down the street, even leaving our driveway," Brian Guilfore, who lives across from the vaccination site, said.

Neighbors say they're happy more people can get the vaccine locally, but were not prepared for the traffic impacts that would come with it.

"It's been pretty crazy especially the last couple of days — [there has] been lots of traffic coming back and forth," Rylee Birdsall, who lives near the vaccination site, said.

The county says the location helps with vaccination storage requirements.

"The San Luis site was originally stood up due to its proximity to our public health department and the ability with the cold chain required and some of the technical requirements to keeping the vaccine cold," County Administrative Officer Wade Horton said.

A third vaccination site will open next week, that should hopefully lessen the amount of traffic coming through the neighborhood.

"I'm pleased to announce we will be opening a third pod this coming Monday in south county, at Arroyo Grande High School. We have enough vaccine doses right now to cover appointments through next Thursday and we'll know next week if we can open appointments into next Friday," Horton said.

Appointments for getting the vaccine open up Thursday morning at 9 a.m.. They are still only available to those 75 and up and healthcare workers.

You can find information on how to sign up here.

The County says it is evaluating several locations to potentially move the vaccine site elsewhere in San Luis Obispo. This move would help better accommodate seniors with accessibility and parking. The location change could happen in the next few weeks.