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Tree farmers selling out of Christmas trees in record numbers

Posted at 9:28 PM, Dec 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-14 01:39:36-05

People are flocking in record numbers to buy Christmas trees this year and it's leading to early sell-outs for many tree farmers across the U.S.

Holloways Tree Farm in Nipomo sold out of trees December 3rd while Agape Christmas Trees in Atascadero are on track to sell out December 19th.

Rick and Janel Armet, owners of Agape Christmas Trees, have been prepping their tree farm off El Camino Real to meet an unexpected early demand.

"This is our 14th year at this location in Atascadero and this year has definitely been the busiest," he said. "We had people calling us before Thanksgiving wanting a Christmas tree and we actually opened two days before Thanksgiving to meet the demand."

Amid the pandemic, business is booming as people eagerly get into the holiday spirit.

"People are probably traveling less, so they want to enjoy that tree in their home. Less people are congregating so each person is going to want their own tree in their own house," Armet said.

Some people are following the tradition of picking out the perfect tree.

“I just love the smell of it. It just smells like Christmas and they are always different every year," Templeton resident, Cady Johnson said.

It's a holiday scent that fills any home with joy.

"We are getting a Christmas tree this year. Normally we have a fake one, but this house it a little smaller, so doing it the right way," Atascadero resident Preston Federico said.

A survey by Everscore ISI found Christmas tree sales are up almost 30% across the country.

“People come in and are happy and smiling, then they get to go home and trim the tree and wrap the presents, it gives us something positive during these hard times,” Janel Armet said.

The Armets say there are still trees left, but expect to sell out in the next week.