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Volunteers help clear debris near Arroyo Grande Creek

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Posted at 3:58 PM, Feb 11, 2023

Volunteers were out in Oceano Saturday morning, near the Arroyo Grande Creek, helping clear debris left by last month’s storms.

The clean-up event was organized by Holloway Logistics, an agricultural gypsum provider in Paso Robles.

Volunteers helped haul off flood debris and excess dirt that overwhelmed the areas around the Arroyo Grande Creek.

The dirt was removed using trucks that Holloway volunteered.

“There's some vineyards out in Paso that needs about four roads and some levee work that got destroyed in the flood, too. So, the other dirt's being diverted there. So all the dirt not going to landfill. It is all getting diverted for further uses. And that's a lot about who we are as a company, just trying to find the best uses to recycle the waste material that we take in. And so in this instance is fantastic that it's being used for other causes," said Brian Maxted, the company’s CEO.

Non-profit disaster relief group Team Rubicon was also at the event, helping pick up loose trash and debris.