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West Grand Avenue pedestrian safety efforts underway

City of Grover Beach
Posted at 6:49 AM, Oct 29, 2021

The Grover Beach City Council recently approved the timing of upcoming construction projects on West Grand Avenue, consistent with the city's goal of improving traffic safety.

These projects are also part of the city's West Grand Avenue master plan to revitalize the commercial area.

West Grand Avenue is a cornerstone of Grover Beach. Its shops and restaurants draw in customers, but employees in the area tell us it isn't the safest place for pedestrians.

"Sometimes I see people almost get hit coming out at the wrong time at the wrong light or something. That happens all the time," said Donovan Eley, Grand Liquors Cashier.

Donovan Eley of Grand Central Liquors observed the foot traffic throughout the day and noted these projects would definitely benefit the community.

"There's a lot of people who walk up and down the street all the time. It's a very popular street with a lot of stores on the side, so I think it's good to get a safe environment for pedestrians if possible there," said Eley.

The improvements include re-striping, pavement rehabilitation, traffic signal, and sign adjustments, sidewalk and bike lane additions.

Crews will also add ADA curb ramps, and landscaped center medians.

"Our city continues to invest in West Grand Avenue as we advance our vision to transform this area into a thriving and vibrant commercial corridor that also provides housing for our community," said Grover Beach Mayor, Jeff Lee.

Residents agree addressing pedestrian safety and preventing accidents should be a top priority.

"If we can do anything to ensure that doesn't happen that'd be great," said Eley.

Crews will start working on these projects on November 1.