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Woods Humane Society expands dog behavior and training program

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Posted at 9:56 AM, Jan 03, 2023

Due to increasing demand for dog training support from the community, Woods Humane Society announced an expanded Behavior & Training team for 2023.

There will be a wide variety of affordable, training classes for the public that begin in time for January’s National Train Your Dog Month; and a new class called Rocket Recall, beginning in February 2023 (registration is now open).

As a result of the “pandemic puppy boom” as well as the safety guidelines that limited in-person training opportunities in recent years, Woods says that many local pet owners have expressed their need for help with dog behavior issues.

The nonprofit expanded its training department last year by adding two new team members and increasing its roster of nationally certified trainers to four.

Woods behavior & training coordinator Eric Stockam earned his National Certified Behavior Consultant Certification, a highly regarded, advanced accreditation in the industry that requires many hours of work and study. He is one of the only trainers in the area certified at this level.

Additionally, after months of study, supervised work, and testing, Woods adoption enrichment coordinator Skylar McClellan and intake enrichment coordinator Kaylana Patterson both received their National Certification for Professional Dog Trainers.

Thanks to a grant from the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust, Woods also built a new Training & Enrichment Yard, completed in the summer of 2022. Woods officials say these advancements will allow Woods to offer more public training classes in the coming months and to better field questions and requests for help from local pet owners and adopters.

To view current programs and services and sign up for an upcoming course, click here. For more information about Woods, click hereor call (805) 543-9316.