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Conflict over abortion laws won't abate if Roe v. Wade falls

Abortion What if Roe Crumbles
Abortion What if Roe Crumbles
Abortion What if Roe Crumbles
Posted at 3:40 PM, Nov 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-20 18:40:38-05

On both sides of America’s abortion debate, activists are convinced that the 1973 Supreme Court ruling establishing a nationwide right to abortion is imperiled as never before.

Yet no matter how the current conservative-dominated court handles pending high-profile abortion cases, there will be no monolithic, nationwide change.

Instead, the fractious state-by-state battle over abortion access will continue.

The demise of Roe v. Wade would return abortion policymaking to the states.

At least 20 Republican-governed states would likely impose sweeping bans; perhaps 15 Democratic-governed states would reaffirm their strong support for abortion access.