Mental health experts offer advice on managing anxiety during coronavirus outbreak

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 15:26:11-04

As communities continue to receive an influx of information on the spread of the coronavirus, some may experience increased anxiety related to the outbreak.

Dr. Eric Goodman, a psychologist at the Coastal Center for Anxiety Treatment, says there are steps the public can take to help keep calm during this time.

"Feeling anxious right now is a pretty normal thing for people to feel worldwide. Number one, don't beat yourself up. Don't over pathologize it. It's going to be normal to feel a range of emotions," Dr. Goodman said.

Secondly, you can limit the information you are reading online.

"We wanna be informed, but we can be informed once a day based on good sources. Social media can ramp up anxiety considerably," he said.

Goodman also adds that it's important for those who are anxious to set aside the proper time for sleep, exercise and reasonable socializing.

Lastly, Goodman asks that community members not forget to reach out to those who may be struggling the most emotionally.

"Reaching out to people - friends, family, colleagues - and that might be over the phone or email but just check in with people to see how they're doing," Goodman said.