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Pope's 3 key words for a marriage: 'Please, thanks, sorry'

Vatican Pope
Posted at 11:41 PM, Dec 26, 2021

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis is seeking to encourage married couples. He has penned a special letter on a Catholic feast day acknowledging that the pandemic has aggravated some family problems but urging couples to seek help.

He says they should always remember three key words in a marriage: “Please, thanks and sorry.”

In the letter, Francis said lockdowns and quarantines had forced families to spend more time together.

But he noted that such enforced togetherness at times tested the patience of parents and siblings alike and in some cases led to difficulties.

He offered his closeness to those families and reminded parents that the breakup of a marriage is particularly hard on children, who look to their parents as a constant source of stability, love, trust and strength.