New Trump voters react to Biden win

Do they think President-elect Biden can unite this country?
Posted at 3:27 PM, Nov 12, 2020

When you leave the big cities and head out to lesser populated areas of the United States, you realize President-elect Joe Biden may have won but President Donald Trump still enjoys plenty of support.

"Since I was 18, I voted for Democrats, every time, but this year I voted for Trump," Scott Will, a new Trump voter in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, said.

"My dad, he is a Joe Biden fan. He is calling me and teasing me about," Will said jokingly.

While Trump is projected to lose the 2020 election, he did set voting records. Thus far, Trump has received more than 10 million more votes than four years ago. That is more votes than any American presidential candidate in history, except Biden.


While he lost the election, Trump did improve his margins in several key areas around the country.

In Kenosha County, Wisconsin, Trump did 3% better. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, Trump did `12% better. And in Mahoning County, Ohio Trump actually flipped this county for the first time since Eisenhower.

For perspective, this county, which includes Youngstown, Ohio, went for the Obama/Biden ticket in 2008 by 30 points.

"The funny thing here is Trump stole the Democratic message. Can the Democrats steal it back?" Paul Sracic, a political scientist at Youngstown State University, said.

Sracic said in defeat, Trump's legacy maybe forever changing politically places like Youngstown. Sracic said old trade deals, like NAFTA, were particularly toxic in this part of Ohio and voters rewarded Trump for getting rid of it and promising old jobs would come back.

"Trump didn’t create these voters, they were waiting for Trump," Sracic said.


At Thanos Restaurant in Mahoning County, Ohio, diners here know how Trump changed this area's politics. Ken Morrow eats here twice a day. In 2016, he voted for Bernie Sanders. In 2020 he voted for Trump.

"For me, it's confusing," Morrow said, commenting on the election results and Trump's refusal to concede.

His advice to Biden?

"We need a lot of good paying jobs around here, everything is gone," Morrow said.

Every Trump voter we spoke with said they would respect Biden come January 20th.

"I am very conservative," Jean Hasey said.

"He’s going to be my president because I'm an American and a patriot," Hasey added.

But she said -- uniting the country may be a tall task.

"I think it’s going to be hard, very very hard," Hasey added.