Raffensperger refers 3 Georgia counties for investigation over absentee ballot violation

Brad Raffensperger
Posted at 9:05 AM, Apr 07, 2021

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTXL) — Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger referred three counties for investigation after those counties reportedly failed to do their absentee ballot transfer forms in violation of Georgia Rules and Regulations.

The office of the Secretary of State confirmed with the other 120 counties that had absentee ballot drop boxes in November that they completed ballot transfer documents.

Elections officials in Coffee, Grady, and Taylor Counties said they had not filled out the forms as required.

“Since day one, I have made securing Georgia’s election a top priority and I have not stopped working since then,” said Raffensperger. “Though the overwhelming majority of counties did what they were supposed to, this demonstrates that new steps need to be taken to fully secure our elections. Securing elections is work that is never truly finished.”

Absentee ballot drop boxes were allowed by the emergency rule of the State Election Board to address the absentee ballot voting surge caused by COVID-19.

The emergency rule required counties with drop boxes to fill out ballot transfer forms that included the date, time, location, and the number of ballots in the drop boxes whenever election officials collected ballots from the dropbox.

In total, 123 counties had absentee ballot drop boxes for the November election. Of those, 120 have confirmed they filled out and retained ballot transfer forms in accordance with Georgia rules.

The three counties account for only 0.37 percent of all the absentee ballots cast in the November election.

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