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7-year-old girl in critical condition after being shot while trick-or-treating in Chicago

Posted at 8:05 PM, Oct 31, 2019

CHICAGO, Ill. – A 7-year-old girl was shot while trick-or-treating in Chicago.

It happened Thursday evening in the 3700 block of W. 26th Street on the city’s west side, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Chief Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi says the girl was critically injured in the shooting while out with family for Halloween.

“We heard the shots ... four shots, and I went outside,’’ cellphone store worker Lali Lara told the Chicago Tribune . “The girl’s father was screaming, ‘My little girl’s been shot.’”

Police believe the girl was “an unintended victim after multiple offenders opened fire,” Guglielmi said.

News Affairs Sgt. Rocco Alioto told WBBM that a group of men was chasing another man and began firing. That’s when he says the girl suffered gunshots to the neck and chest.

According to police, the man the group was going after was also injured in the shooting. Alioto says the man was struck in the hand and taken to a local hospital.

Alioto told WBBM there were at least three offenders involved and that the man being targeted wasn’t with the little girl.