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A Michigan father is calling for a teacher's firing after she made racially insensitive remarks

Posted at 10:54 AM, Oct 10, 2019

DETROIT — A Michigan father is outraged after a teacher made racially insensitive comments to his daughter and multiple black students.

"This one teacher, Ms. Smith, comes up to my daughter's group, who were all black kids, and says, 'I know it's customary in your culture to be loud. I'm going to need you to cut it out,' " Winston Hughes said.

According to Clawson Public Schools' website, the student population of the district is 73% white, 13% black, 6% Hispanic and Asian, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander and others make up the remaining population.

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Hughes wants the teacher fired for the off-color remarks.

He said his 12-year-old daughter and other students in the classroom were offended.

"She was hurt," Hughes said. "She didn't say anything in the classroom but once she got in the car she said, 'that wasn't right, why would she say that to us?' "

Superintendent Tim Wilson declined an on-camera interview with WXYZ. A press release from the district was sent to WXYZ and emailed to parents on Wednesday evening. The release stated that disciplinary action had been taken after the matter was investigated.

Hughes said the offensive remarks were made Thursday, Oct. 3 during a science class while students were in groups.

Hughes said he moved his five children to Clawson Public Schools for a quality education, although they don't live within the city limits.

He also said the teacher called him personally to apologize.

"She went on to tell me that her daughter has a black friend and brought him to our dinner table," Hughes said. "If you have justify that your daughter has a black friend that was allowed at your dinner table ... what are you telling me ma'am?"

Hughes said the teacher was suspended for two days and was back in the classroom Wednesday. He believes the punishment was a slap on the wrist.

Wilson said the teacher was apologetic and remorseful. Hughes believes she should be terminated.

"I found out today she is 67 year old," Hughes said. "That's in you; that's embedded in you."

This story was originally published by Rudy Harper on WXYZ.