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Pet owner loses beloved dog, then memorializes him in tattoo using ink with his ashes

Robyn Moscrop said she treated her very loved dog "like a baby"
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Posted at 1:14 PM, Oct 12, 2022

Robyn Moscrop tragically lost her beloved dog in 2019 unexpectedly, and it traumatized her so much that she went looking for ways to get over the pain, including taking in a new dog through an adoption process.

If I didn’t have my new dog, I’d find it really hard to speak about him,” she said. “But since I’ve got Alabama, she’s kind of filled that hole that he’s left and made it a lot easier to heal because it is awful losing your dog.”

Moscrop, 27, wanted to find a way to memorialize her beloved Bronson, who died at just three years old last year.

After having Bronson cremated, she decided to get a tattoo of his portrait with one twist. She had some of her dog's ashes mixed in with the tattoo ink.

“Having his ashes on me means that he’s always going to be with me, no matter what,” said Moscrop. “It’s not something I could lose or misplace. It’s always there. Seeing it when it was done was really emotional. I did have a cry,” the New York Post reported.

Moscrop was able to find a tattoo artist to take on the request in Birmingham, West Midlands, in the UK, where she lives.

“It sounds silly really, but sometimes when we’re at places and say I’m just wearing a t-shirt, I just think, ‘oh, he’s here with me and seeing all this too,” she toldSouth West News Service.

“He was a crazy dog. He made such an impression on everyone because he had such a personality,” she remembers. “He just kept me really busy, and I’d see other people with their really well-behaved dogs, and I’d be thinking, ‘oh my god, why can my dog not be like that?'”

“But I still absolutely loved him. He was spoilt rotten. He had his own social calendar," she said.

Moscrop decided on the idea after having Bronson cremated. The person who ran the cremation business suggested it.

And that tattoo artist she happened to find who would perform the unique tattoo job? It was her boyfriend, who happened to be a tattoo artist.

Moscrop sat for eight hours getting the tattoo finished.

“The portrait I had of him is from my favorite photo of him — you can see on his expression that he’s so happy, and his eyes are sparkling,” she said. “My boyfriend was like, ‘This is serious pressure. I need to make sure I get it right,’ but as you can see, he’s done an absolutely fantastic job.”