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Arkansas man who woke up after 19 years in coma has died

Terry Wallis
Posted at 11:14 AM, Apr 04, 2022

A man who regained consciousness in 2003 after spending 19 years in a coma has passed away.

Terry Wallis died last week at 57, according to an obituary published by Roller Funeral Homes, USA Today and NBC News reported.

According to a 2003 Associated Press article, the Arkansas native and a friend were in a car accident in July 1984 when their vehicle left the road and plunged into a creek.

When they were found the next day underneath a bridge, his friend had died, and Wallis was comatose.

According to the obituary, Wallis' daughter was born six weeks before the accident.

Wallis remained in a coma until June 12, 2003, when he regained consciousness and became known worldwide as "The Man Who Slept for 19 Years," the news outlets reported.