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Boys jump into action to save bus driver who experienced medical emergency

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Posted at 6:54 AM, Oct 27, 2021

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — Two middle school students jumped into action to save the life of their bus driver who experienced a medical emergency while on the road in Georgia.

Though the driver couldn’t breathe, WSB reports she was able to navigate the bus full of kids to the side of the road. That’s when Conner Doss and Kane Daugherty realized something was wrong.

"And I come up and I see sixth graders yelling and I come out, come in the aisle, and then I looked down and Miss Julie's face is just like bright red and like shaking," said Doss.

"I hear her say, ‘Hey, somebody help.’ And so, I run up like here and she's over here. She's shaking like really bad," said Daugherty.

With little time to think, the boys did what they could to help.

"So, I picked up the microphone (dispatch radio). I said, ‘Somebody help,’ like, ‘Somebody help. Our bus driver feels really dizzy.’ And then somebody called her phone. It was right here," said Daugherty.

A dispatcher was on the line and helped Cane to set the vehicle’s emergency brake, flashing lights, and emergency stop arm.

The dispatcher called 911.

"We know she's got diabetes. So, we thought maybe it was an attack. So, we got like, we got her to drink Coke, eat cookies and all that," said Daugherty.

Meanwhile, Doss says he calmed the other children down and told them to get to the back of the bus.

"Some were crying. Some were like just screaming, some were just panicking," said Doss.

The kids did what they could to flag down people to help.

"And we opened up a window and we were like waving them down and everything, like telling them to get over here, like to help," said Daugherty.

They got the attention of a pastor who happened to be driving by. He hopped on and led the kids in prayer until the ambulance arrived.

"That was, uh, a moment of relief, I think for Miss. Julie and for us too, to know that God was on our side," said Daugherty.

WSB reports that the driver is recovering and hasn't yet returned back to work. It remains unclear what the medical emergency was.