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California could give taxpayers $400 each to spend on gas

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Posted at 11:03 AM, Mar 24, 2022

Drivers in California could soon get some relief when it comes to gas prices.

Governor Gavin Newsom revealed a proposal this week that would give Californians a tax break as well as $400 payments.

Families would receive a maximum of two debit cards with $400, regardless of whether their vehicle depends on gas or electric power.

For people who don’t own cars, the state would pay for their public transportation fare for three months.

The state would also spend $500 million for projects that promote biking and walking.

Governor Newsom’s plan still needs to be approved by the Legislature.

Democratic leaders are expected to make changes to it, like lowering the income threshold for families receiving the rebate.

The proposal comes after other states signed passed laws to help drivers with rising gas prices.

The governors of Maryland and Georgia signed laws that temporarily suspend gas taxes.

Connecticut is likely to approve a gas tax holiday, meaning drivers would not have to pay the 25-per-gallon tax between April and June.

West Virginia is also looking at suspending its gas tax for 30 days.