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Cheerios creates 2020 remake of classic Christmas commercial

Cheerios commercial
Posted at 11:40 AM, Dec 18, 2020

In a holiday season that many of us will spend away from loved ones, Cheerios is bringing back memories of a simpler time with their latest commercial reboot.

In 1999, the cereal was featured in a sweet commercial featuring a grandma talking to an infant sitting in a high chair. The grandma, played by actor Peggy Miley, was using Cheerios to map out where extended family lived, as the baby ate them.

“I think you just ate Dallas,” Miley says at one point.

The ad had a simple message, being together for the holidays.

A video posted on TikTok by Cori Spruiell brought up the idea of a reboot.

“I'm making myself cry over this Christmas commercial idea I just had. So, if you work for General Mills, please, please make this happen,” Spruiell says, before a quick recap of the old commercial and then outlining the new commercial idea where the grandma and baby, now grown, are together over Zoom because of COVID-19.


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Cheerios agreed it was a good idea, and made it happen.

“Our team was really excited when we saw her post because we felt like it was such a true insight on what is going on today,” says Taylor Roseberry, assistant brand experience manager, Cheerios, in a company statement. “In re-watching that 1999 commercial, it brought back so much joy. We felt really inspired by it. So, we quickly pulled a group together to figure out how we could respond to Cori’s video.”

Miley is back for the 2020 version, along with the now-grown-up baby, Delfina Booth.

"I was too young to remember my experience filming the Cheerios holiday commercial, but I get the same warm feeling both re-watching the original commercial and participating in its recreation," Booth said in a statement. "I can't wait for fans' reactions to the spot because while I've grown up, the importance of connecting with one's loved ones has only gotten stronger."

The 2020 version starts with a close-up look at an ornament with the 1999 commercial image, then later shows Booth and Miley having a video chat, while eating Cheerios.