Princess Cruises cancel some 2021 voyages, citing pandemic restrictions

Princess Cruises cancel some 2021 voyages, citing pandemic restrictions
Posted at 6:39 AM, Aug 26, 2020

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb around the world and disrupts the travel industry, Princess Cruises has announced cancellation of early 2021 trips.

“Due to restrictions and limitations with border and port access determined by government and health authorities and the continued uncertainty of airline travel,” Princess Cruises canceled about 30 voyages on two ships.

The Island Princess, which stopped at ports around the world, and Pacific Princess, that sailed around South America and Australia, will not set sail until at least April, according to a release from the company.

The cancelled voyages include a 111-day around-the-world from Los Angeles.

Princess Cruises, which is owned by Carnival, is offering refunds or credit for a future cruise.

Carnival Cruises has also canceled some 2021voyages, and likely won’t return to full capacity until 2022.

The cruise company is facing legal action for their handling of passengers when the coronavirus pandemic started this spring. Two lawsuits allege Princess Cruises did not act fast enough to impose quarantines when cases were discovered.

When the lawsuits were filed in June, Princess Cruises told USA Today“our response throughout this process has focused on the well-being of our guests and crew within the parameters dictated to us by the government agencies involved and the evolving medical understanding of this new illness.”