These auto insurance companies are offering credits amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 9:19 AM, Apr 10, 2020

With people staying home and driving much less amid the COVID-19 pandemic, car insurance companies around the country are offering discounts and refunds for people. See the details for each company below:


Progressive is giving people a 20% credit for active auto policies at the end of April and at the end of May. They will automatically calculate the credit at the end of each month.

They will also waive all late fees, pause collections and hold off on canceling or non-renewing any active policies due to non-payment through May 15.

State Farm

State Farm said its returning $2 billion in dividends to auto insurance customers. On average, you'll see a 25% policy credit.


Allstate announced a shelter-in-place payback of more than $600 million in April and May.

On average, people will see 15% back, and Allstate will automatically deposit the money to the bank or credit card account, or apply credits to future accounts.


Geico said it is giving people 15% credit for the next full policy terms, and they're taking care of everything.


Esurance is giving a 15% payback during April and May, electronically to the last method of payment used on the account. If they can't refund electronically, they will send a check. You just have to have an active auto insurance policy and be up to date on payments.

Farmer's Insurance

Farmer's Insurance is reducing April premiums by 25% and also pausing cancellations due to non-payment through May 1.

Traveler's Insurance

Traveler 's is giving people a 15% credit on April and May premium and suspending cancellations through May 15.

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance is providing customers a one-time, $50 payment for each vehicle insurance under a personal auto insurance policy.

This story was originally published by staff at WXYZ.