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'Demon' French bulldog finally adopted and appears to be thriving

Ralphie the French bulldog earned a bad reputation, but he has apparently found the perfect owner in Tennessee.
'Demon' French bulldog finally adopted and appears to be thriving
Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 30, 2023

Ralphie, the French bulldog who earned a reputation for being a "demon," has a new owner. 

Thousands of people have been following Ralphie's journey after the Niagra SPCA posted on Facebook about his behavioral problems. 

"Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package," the organization posted in January. 

The shelter believes Ralphie's first owner didn't set boundaries, leading him to believe he was the boss. Ralphie was rehomed, but the shelter said he was surrendered again because he was causing trouble with the owner's older dog.

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Ralphie was placed in another home in February, but he proved to be more than the person could handle. 

The Niagra SPCA decided to put Ralphie through a six-week training program, where he reportedly learned impulse control and basic obedience skills.

In an update this month, the organization said they found a new owner for Ralphie after reviewing more than 700 emails and speaking with dozens of potential adopters. 

Ralphie now lives in Tennessee with his owner who trains dogs for a living.

Ralphie already appears to have made friends. He lives with another French bulldog, a dachshund, a Jack Russell terrier and a German shepherd. 

His new owner created an Instagram account for Ralphie. It shows him playing with his new friends with seemingly no major issues. 

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