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DoorDash to scan ID cards for alcohol purchases

Posted at 9:27 AM, Jul 22, 2022

DoorDash drivers will soon require customers to hand over their ID cards and have them scanned to complete alcohol purchases.

DoorDash also requires drivers not to provide alcohol to intoxicated customers and to only leave products with those over age 21.

The company said it piloted the ID program in eight markets and it “has already made it easier for Dashers to verify the customer’s identity and age before completing the alcohol delivery.”

“At DoorDash, safety is a top priority and our goal is to deliver alcohol in the safest and most responsible way possible,” said Erik Ragotte, DoorDash’s General Manager of Alcohol. “With today’s announcement of two-step or dual ID verification, we’re setting a new industry standard for responsible alcohol delivery. The new safety measures will help ensure alcohol is delivered to people over the age of 21. We will continue to innovate and find even more ways to promote responsible alcohol delivery.”

DoorDash claimed that drivers earned, on average, almost 30% more on deliveries with alcohol than on non-alcohol deliveries.

The ability for restaurants to have alcohol delivered expanded in many states during the pandemic to help the industry.