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Getting into a bowl game may help student-athletes achieve academic success

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Posted at 9:31 AM, Dec 16, 2022

College bowl games kicked off Friday, drawing in audiences from across the country.

Aside from the excitement of playing in a bowl game, it appears players are benefitting academically from making it into the postseason.

Researchers analyzed three academic categories: Retention rates, team GPA requirements and credit hour requirements.

Overall, academic progress rates were slightly higher among football players who competed in bowl games.

"There could be positive effects of continuing to stay with your team, having the resources of being on campus working with the coaches working with athletic um support staff," said Bradley Curs, an associate professor at the University of Missouri.

Although this study focused on college football players, researchers say the findings can translate to other extracurriculars.

Past research has shown students perform better when they feel involved on campus.

"Being connected through sports, through music programs, through clubs, organizations, really does help students... stay connected to their campus to give them something interesting to work on and study that keeps them excited about coming," Curs said.