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Strangers rent van and travel 10 hours together after flight from Florida to Tennessee is canceled

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Posted at 1:27 PM, Dec 12, 2022

A group of strangers took matters into their own hands after their flight from Orlando, Florida to Knoxville, Tennessee, was canceled last week.

Alanah Story detailed the journey on TikTok.

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Story said the group rented a 15-passenger van for the 10-hour trip.

Some of the passengers said they were trying to get to Knoxville for a conference. One family was scheduled to visit the University of Tennesee and another person said she was in jeopardy of missing her final exams.

Three hours into the trip, the group gave an update from Georgia. They all appeared to be in good spirits after stopping at a gas station.


♬ original sound - Alanah

The group finally arrived in Knoxville about seven hours later.

"I'm really grateful to all these guys right here because my baby girl had her heart set out to make this appointment for the University of Tennessee... and we made our 10 a.m. appointment all because of the community that got together," the driver of the van said.

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Story said Frontier offered her a $50 voucher for canceling the flight, which led the group to rent a van.

"That doesn't even cover our individual portions for the van that we had to rent," she said.

Despite that minor complaint, the entire group appeared to be happy with the outcome of the unexpected trip and the connections they made with each other.

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