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LSU plans on accepting invitation to the White House

LSU plans on accepting invitation to the White House
Posted at 2:22 PM, Apr 06, 2023

The Louisiana State University athletics department confirmed to Scripps News on Thursday that it would accept an invitation to the White House following the women's basketball team's NCAA championship victory. 

There were questions about whether LSU would accept an invitation after a comment made by first lady Jill Biden. 

"I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House, we always do, so we’ll have LSU come, but you know what? I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come too, because they played such a good game," Biden said a day after the game, which she attended. 

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LSU star Angel Reese tweeted that Biden’s remarks were "A JOKE," alongside three laughing emojis. It also generated a discussion about race because LSU is a team made up of primarily Black athletes, while Iowa has more white athletes on its team. 

"When Black women win a national championship, they should not be forced to share the stage with the losing team," said former White House aide Keith Boykin. 

It's unclear whether Reese will join her team at the White House. She said on a podcast this week that Iowa can have the spotlight, suggesting that LSU can visit the Obamas instead.

President Joe Biden offered the official invite, making no mention of the first lady's comments or Iowa.