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Man refuses to take cash from another driver in minor car accident

Car accident
Posted at 1:55 PM, Mar 11, 2022

A video clip is gaining attention online showing a man offering forgiveness and kindness to another after a minor car accident.

"Look what you did, look what you did to my car. You scratched it," one of the men is heard saying in the clip.

Then the other man is seen pulling out some single dollar bills and a $20 bill from his pocket, appearing to be the little money he had on him.

The man said in Spanish, "Cuanto?" Which translates to "How much?"

The other man says "How much is that?" And grabs the cash and says, "This all your money right here?"

The man said he didn't have more money and said, "Sorry my friend."

The man who was at fault continues to insist on trying to help out but is told to not worry about it and that there is no problem in a moment of empathy and kindness directed toward another.

Psychology Today says that showing kindness can help people avoid harm, and helps the brain shift into a responsive mode which will also allow the body to repair and refuel itself. Kindness also is shown to build trust and reduce violence.

Kindness has been shown in studies to allow people to feel that their core needs have been met as well, according to the outlet.