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Mardi Gras horses to be adopted after carnival season ends

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Posted at 8:04 AM, Feb 10, 2022

Seventeen parade horses are looking to be adopted once carnival season ends.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has partnered with Cascades Stables for their fourth annual Mardi Gras Horse Adoption program.

This year, HSLA says that seventeen horses will be seeking adopters.

Around 15 to 20 horses are purchased by Cascades Stables each year to meet the demand for parade horses during the carnival season.

According to the Humane Society, many of those horses are sold back to horse brokers following the season and are likely sold at sale barns or for slaughter.

HSLA's partnership with Cascades Stables, established in 2017, helps find suitable new homes for the parade horses through their online adoption program.

"This has proven to be a lifesaver for the 77 horses we have adopted since we started this program in 2017," HSLA Director Jeff Dorson said. "We are grateful to the volunteers who man this program and to the public who have embraced it. We owe it to these majestic horses to find them great homes instead of selling them at a sale barn."

Adoption applications can be found on the Humane Society of Louisiana's Mardi Gras Horse Adoption Program Facebook page.

Volunteers post photos of available horses, a short profile, and adoption fees.

Web staff at KATC first reported this story.