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Mother of Louisville bank shooter called 911, police say

Mother of Louisville bank shooter called 911, police say
Posted at 9:57 AM, Apr 13, 2023

Police released the recordings of 911 calls that came in as a man began his massacre at a bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

One of the calls came from a woman who warned that her son might be going to the Old National Bank to shoot it up.

“I don’t know what to do; I need your help. He’s never hurt anyone," the woman said. “I don’t know where he would’ve gotten a gun."

The woman described her son as "non-violent" and a "good kid," adding that her son's roommate called her about what her son was apparently planning.  

When she told the dispatcher that she was going to the location, she was advised to stay away because they had already received reports about a shooting. 

"So he’s already there?" the mother asked before saying she was still going to go.

An investigation following the shooting showed that the gunman purchased the high-powered rifle last week, police said.

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The gunman killed five people and nine others were injured. 

Police shot and killed the gunman within minutes of responding to the scene.

The first call 911 received about the shooting was from someone who was on a Zoom call with employees of the bank when the shooter began opening fire.

"How do you know there's an active shooter on the site?" the dispatcher asked. 

"I just watched it... on a Zoom meeting... we were having a board meeting," the caller said while crying.

Another caller said they were hiding in a closet at the bank after hearing gunshots while on the call.

“Has anybody been shot?” the dispatcher asked.

The witness said that "probably eight or nine" people were shot.  

The caller was advised to remain quiet but to stay on the line until police arrived. 

In a statement about the 911 calls, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said they were released in the interest of transparency.