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Permanent residents of touristy Las Vegas experience unprecedented housing price increase

Posted at 7:36 PM, Mar 02, 2022

It's getting more expensive to live in Las Vegas. Rent has jumped for tenants who live in Sin City's metro area.

Las Vegas area resident Lamesha Rowe said she doesn't know what she's going to do. The rent just increased for her North Las Vegas home near Gowan Road and Clayton Street.

"It went up $205, which is a big increase. I wasn't prepared for that," Rowe said.

Rowe said she has applied to be in a program to help people in her situation. Making matters worse, Rowe lost her childcare job during the pandemic. Even though she's working again, she's still playing catch up.

"Behind on rent. Still behind a little bit on utilities, water, gas, electric. But it's definitely, it's scary at this point. I'm just thinking like, 'what are we going to do next?'" Rowe said.

Rowe says she applied for assistance from a program offered in her area called the CARES Housing Assistance Program, or CHAP, to see if she can get some help.

But she isn't alone in this struggle. According to, Las Vegas rental prices jumped nearly 30% last year. Keith Thomsen with Large Vision Property Management says some had it even worse.

"Some owners socked it to them. I mean, 33 percent, 40 percent raises in rents, which has created tremendous problems for these tenants," Thomsen said.


Thomsen says in some cases, tenants are being forced to find roommates.

"You're seeing more and more people move in with family and friends. You're seeing more and more families grouped together...our biggest thing that we're seeing now is people who do apply aren't making the three-times-the-rent standard," Thomsen said.

To make matters worse, Thomsen expects the rental market to heat up, as potential homebuyers face climbing home prices and interest rates.

"They will be coming back into the rental market, and I think those people will start driving up the rental prices again...I see that becoming a problem," Thomsen said. "We do not have enough houses or rentals in this city for the number of people who live here."

"I think by the end of this year, rents will start going back up again," he said.


So the real question is when can renters expect to finally see some relief? Some say that may not happen. says hot markets are remaining hot, so don't expect to see a decrease any time soon.

In fact, data journalist Jon Leckie said he would be surprised if rents ever return to pre-pandemic levels, even if they level off some. Thomsen agrees.

"As more sports teams come here and as we grow into so many more avenues where we didn't have before, yeah, we're going to become the expensive city to live in," Thomsen said.

That's not very reassuring news for renters like Lamesha Rowe.

"I don't know what to do at this point. I don't know, because again, I'm behind, and I haven't really been able to set aside any savings," Rowe said.


Rowe is working with her landlord and keeping him aware of her situation. She says other struggling renters should do the same.

"I've already let him know. Going into March, I'm trying to catch up," Rowe said.

But if she can't get help from CHAP, Rowe admits she might have to make a difficult decision.

"I'd have to leave the state. I have no family here. I'd have to go back to California, which is ridiculous," she said.

If you're struggling to pay your rent, the CARES Housing Assistance Program, or CHAP, may be able to help.

This storywas originally published by Tricia Kean of KTNV in Las Vegas, Nevada.