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Republicans pressure border states to declare 'invasion'

Greg Abbott
Posted at 5:03 AM, Apr 06, 2022

Border Patrol officials say they are planning for as many as 18,000 arrivals daily once the health policy, known as the Title 42 authority, expires in May.

Former Trump administration officials are pressing Republican border governors to declare an “invasion” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

It comes as Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he'll announce “unprecedented actions” on Wednesday to deter migrants from coming to Texas.

Abbott has already sent thousands of state troopers and National Guard members to the border over the past year.

He now says he'll go even further after the Biden administration last week announced it will end the use of a public health law that has limited asylum to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It’s unclear whether Abbott supports proposals from the former Trump administration.

The former acting director of ICE, Tom Homan, said last week that he spoke with Abbott, but he did not indicate whether he supported the idea.

Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has been pressured by his own party to declare an “invasion” and use powers normally reserved for war, including using National Guard troops and state law enforcement to send back migrants.

However, Ducey avoided commenting on the proposals.