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DOJ investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine

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Posted at 8:51 AM, Jun 21, 2022

Attorney General Merrick Garland visited Ukraine Tuesday, stating that the US is assisting in investigating war crimes committed by Russia.

“The United States stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s continued aggression and assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Garland. “America – and the world – has seen the many horrific images and read the heart-wrenching accounts of brutality and death that have resulted from Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine.”

The Justice Department said it will launch a War Crimes Accountability Team to “centralize and strengthen the Justice Department’s ongoing work to hold accountable those who have committed war crimes and other atrocities in Ukraine. “ The DOJ said in addition to investigating war crimes, it will also probe possible human rights violations.

Garland appointed Eli Rosenbaum to serve as counselor for War Crimes Accountability. He will coordinate efforts across the Justice Department and the federal government to hold accountable those responsible for war crimes and other atrocities in Ukraine, the DOJ said.