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Say cheese! Grinning horse photobombs maternity photoshoot

buckshot the horse
Posted at 6:30 PM, Jun 14, 2021

Ind. -- Taking photos of a mom- and dad-to-be can offer a chance to catch the joy and happiness of new parents. For one couple, the maternity photoshoot also captured the joy and happiness of their horse, Buckshot.

Kristen Zaffiro is a professional photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio, and recently did a maternity photo session with her cousin and mom-to-be, Amanda Eckstein.

But it was Amanda’s horse Buckshot who stole the show.

“Who knew when I told THIS horse to smile, he would!” Zaffiro posted on Facebook.

She shared a series of photos as Buckshot’s grin got wider and wider, and Amanda’s reaction as she looked over at her horse.

Zaffiro says she does “not usually do pictures with horses.”

No horsing around, Zaffiro's photos have been shared more than 320,000 times on Facebook and thousands of people have left messages thanking her for the laugh.

What did the dad-to-be think? He’s glad so many people enjoyed the photos.

“Sounds like it made a lot of people laugh or smile in times where that is sorely needed!” Phillip Werner posted on Facebook about the photos.

Zaffiro also shared images of the couple and their horses without Buckshot’s toothy grin.