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Study looks at impact of receiving, being denied abortion

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Posted at 8:56 AM, Jul 26, 2022

Seeking an abortion is a major decision for any woman.

With that in mind, researchers wanted to know the impact having an abortion or being denied an abortion has on a woman’s life.

"People can make this decision for themselves and what the 'Turnaway Study' shows is that when they are unable to make this decision for themselves, their outcomes are worse,” said Diana Foster, who led the research, which is documented in the book, “The Turnaway Study.”

For the study, researchers followed nearly 1,000 women after receiving or being denied an abortion.

All the women were at similar points in their pregnancies.

The study found no physical health complications in the women who had an abortion.

However, two women died after delivery. One of the women suffered an infection and the other died from pregnancy complications.

The study also took note of the women's mental health. The study says they all had a range of positive and negative emotions. Within six months to a year, the study says both groups had similar levels of mental health.

“People who have abortions report that they’re no longer thinking about it, except when we call them for these interviews,” Foster said.

“On the other hand, women who are denied abortions experience more anxiety, lower self-esteem in the short run,” she added.

Economic disparities were also apparent in the study. Women denied abortions were more likely to come from a home with a household income below the federal poverty level. They were also more likely to be unemployed

Sixty percent of the women who had abortions in the study were already mothers, which is similar to national statistics.

The study also addressed why people wait to seek an abortion. It found that the women usually didn't know earlier that they were pregnant.