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The DNA diet creates personalized diet plan for users; here’s how it works

Posted at 11:58 AM, Aug 12, 2019

There’s a new diet making headlines. It’s called the DNA diet, and company Profile Sanford is leading the way.

The company offers what most weight loss memberships offer: meal plans, one-on-one coaching and food. It’s great for someone like Anna Lahowetz, who has been struggling to diet on her own. She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes seven years ago and tried numerous diets to lose weight. However, she says nothing worked until she tried Profile Sanford’s DNA diet.

"I am addicted to carbs,” Lahowetz says. “I love carbs."

That’s where the company came in to help. They take a DNA sampling from the member to find out how well and how fast they break down carbohydrates.

Amber Reed a nutrition coach for Profile Sanford says it takes six weeks to get results back.

"Basically, what it does is it takes the guessing game out of what you should put into your meal plan, what you should put into your body,” Reed explains. “You know specifically what your body needs for the carbohydrates."

It sounds easy enough, but registered dietician Stephanie Thomson says not all diets are one size fits all.

"Any diet plan that’s telling you to cut out entire food groups, people need to be careful," warns Thomson.

Profile Sanford DNA diet testing costs $199 to join and $59 month to month.

Thomson says a trip to the doctor might be cheaper.

"Registered dieticians are often covered by health insurance and we can get the same results," she says.

As for Lahowetz, she’s lost 15 pounds so far on the DNA diet. She says she’s gained her health back and is close to getting off her diabetes medication.

If you are looking to lose weight for good, all three women agree to find something that works for you.