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The 'Seinfeld'-inspired AI show returns to Twitch

Posted at 11:10 AM, Mar 09, 2023

"Nothing, Forever" is back on Twitch following a temporary ban.

A new livestream of the artificial intelligence-generated show began airing Wednesday.

The show features characters similar to those in the 90's sitcom "Seinfeld." It's presented in an animation style similar to vintage video games.

One of the creators of "Nothing, Forever" said they received a 14-day suspension from Twitch because of what one of the characters said. Larry Feinberg, who is based off Jerry Seinfeld, reportedly made transphobic jokes during a standup routine.

The show's creators say the content from "Nothing," Forever" is generated via machine learning and AI algorithms.

It runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The creators say the storylines are always brand-new content.

While the show was on hiatus, its creators said they were working on a moderation tool to make sure similar content isn't generated.