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Trump signs executive order on health care in NC

Trump signs executive order on health care in NC
Posted at 2:48 PM, Sep 24, 2020

President Donald Trump laid out his health care agenda Thursday amid a global pandemic and growing uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama-era law he vowed to replace with a much better plan, but never did.

In a campaign-style visit to swing state North Carolina, the president sketched out what aides call a “vision” for quality health care at affordable prices, lower prescription drug costs and greater consumer choice. Although the Trump administration has made some progress on his health care goals, the major changes he promised have eluded him.

And the clock has all but run out in Congress.

Among one of the points highlighted in his executive order was his promise to make preexisting conditions covered by insurance companies. But this point is already covered by the Affordable Care Act, which the Trump administration is working to get overturned in the federal courts.