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Trump talks COVID-19 vaccines, TikTok, Big Ten football at Wednesday's briefing

Trump talks COVID-19 vaccines, TikTok, Big Ten football at Wednesday's briefing
Posted at 4:36 PM, Sep 16, 2020

President Donald Trump spoke about a bunch of subjects at his White House press briefing on Wednesday.

President Trump and his Coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas spoke to the media about COVID-19 vaccines' availability, which should be made available relatively soon, Trump and Atlas said.

"Within the first 24 hours of the FDA's approval under emergency use, we will have vaccines delivered within the first 24 hours," Atlas said. "And it will be done at virtually no cost to Americans. And the terms of the dosage, there will be -- it is anticipated that no later than January all the top priority people will have received the vaccine or can receive the vaccine."

Atlas said 700 million doses would be available for distribution by the end of Q1.

When asked if he was ready to sign off on the Oracle-TikTok deal, Trump said that there were still studies being done that he had not looked at, so he wasn't prepared to sign-off on anything.

"We need to see the deal," Trump said. "We need security, especially with what we've seen with respect to China and what's going on. We need security. They'll be reporting to me Thursday morning, and we'll let you know."

Trump was thrilled to hear about the news that the Big Ten Conference would be playing football this season. He even encouraged the Pac-12 to play this season, even though they said they wouldn't play due to COVID-19 concerns.

"I want to recommend that the Pac-12 also get going because there's no reason why the Pac-12 shouldn't be playing now," Trump said. "I want to recommend to the Pac-12, you're the only one now, open up. Open up, Pac-12. Get going. I said the same thing to Big Ten, and they did. And now I'm saying it to Pac-12. You have time. You really have time right now. Get going."

Trump also mentioned that one staffer at the White House has tested positive for the virus, but clarified that the staff member had not contacted him.

"I have people tested when people come into the Oval Office, Trump said during the briefing. "It is like a big deal no matter who they are. Heads of countries they all get tested. I'm in sort of a different position. Maybe if I weren't in that position, I would be wearing it more. But I wear masks, and I like to wear than when I'm in hospitals. Not for me as so much for other people."