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Uber plans for all rides to take place in electric vehicles by 2030

Uber Investigative Report
Posted at 11:35 AM, Sep 15, 2022

Uber laid out some ambitious goals to cut down on carbon emissions.

The company wants 100% of rides to take place in electric vehicles by 2030.

"We believe we can achieve this 2030 goal in any major city where we can work with local stakeholders to implement policies that ensure a fair transition to EVs for drivers," Uber said in a statement.

Uber's larger goal is to become a fully zero-emission platform by 2040. To do that, it says 100% of rides would need to take place in zero-emission vehicles, on public transit, or with micro-mobility.

Uber launched "Uber Green" in more than 15 cities on Thursday. It incentivizes riders to choose an electric or hybrid vehicle when requesting a ride.

Drivers are also incentivized to drive "green" vehicles. Uber said there will be a rider surcharge on Uber Green.

In addition, Uber said it will invest $800 million to help drivers transition to electric vehicles by 2025.