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Uvalde faith leaders prepare to address congregations Sunday

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Posted at 3:16 PM, May 28, 2022

UVALDE, Texas — Support for the people of Uvalde has come from hours and states away. Even people in other countries have donated money to causes to help the people impacted by Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary. 

To Daniel Myers, Uvalde is home.

“Right now, we’re just here. We’re here for the people just to be here. Someone to lean on, someone to cry with, someone to just talk with," says Myers.

Myers is the pastor at Uvalde's Tabernacle of Worship. He said since a memorial made up of crosses in the town square emerged, he's come to offer support and be a source of comfort for mourners.

"Our world is hurting; our world is hurting,” Myers says.

Like many, Myers is struggling with what has come to light about how police responded to the shooting.

"It’s hard, and my heart aches, and as we get more revelation into what happened at the school, that right there, I just don’t understand," Myers says.

The memorial in the center of town will eventually no longer be in the town square. Lutheran Church Charities, which brought in the crosses, said they would like to give them to the victims' families so they can have the messages that people have written on them.

“Being from Uvalde, this is a small town. Sixteen-thousand," Myers says, “Somehow, someway, everyone is connected in this.”

This Sunday, Myers will stand before his congregation for the first time since the shooting.

He said his message will be about helping people reflect on what has happened in their small town and what it will take to move forward.

“We need people that will come together. I mean this thing about going across the aisle and going back and forth and back and forth. Do something. God forbid, God, forbid that this happens again," Myers says.

Uvalde is also preparing to welcome President Joe Biden on Sunday.