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When is it too early to play Christmas music?

Posted at 7:59 PM, Nov 25, 2022

There’s no formal start date to begin rocking around the Christmas tree. But Spotify did its holiday homework a few years ago. 

It found Americans started to seriously stream Christmas music on November 13. That’s when holiday tunes make up at least 2% of all streams in a country. Nations like Denmark, Finland and Norway crossed over the Christmas music stream threshold in early November. But no country kicked off the holiday streaming season – like the Philippines. Filipinos get into the holiday spirit in early October. 

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Back in the U.S., a 2021 YouGov poll found most Americans wanted to start hearing Christmas music on the radio after Thanksgiving. But radio stations across the country are flipping the switch even earlier. With some blaring "blue Christmas" and other holiday hits around the clock from November 1 through the new year. And we already know the so-called "queen of Christmas" is on board. Mariah Carey posted a video as the clock struck midnight on November 1.

So get ready to hear the tunes of the holiday season even if we are weeks away from feeling festive. 

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