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Women's History Month celebrates 'women who tell our stories'

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Posted at 1:50 PM, Mar 01, 2023

March is Women's History Month, and this year's theme celebrates "women who tell our stories.”

A national celebration of women started in the 1980s. Congress passed a joint resolution that designated the week of March 7, 1982, as Women's History Week.

The resolution noted that the "role of American women in history has been consistently overlooked and undervalued in the body of American history." It further called on the president to issue a proclamation to have Americans observe the week with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

In 1987, Congress passed a similar joint resolution, but it called for Women's History Week to be extended to Women's History Month. Since then, presidents have issued annual proclamations.

This year, President Joe Biden's proclamation acknowledges women who have continued to be at the forefront of history.

"Women — often women of color — have been on the frontlines, fighting for and securing equal rights and opportunity throughout our country’s history as abolitionists, civil rights leaders, suffragists, and labor activists," the president stated.

Biden noted that despite progress, women still face "systemic barriers" to full equality.

"Disparities persist in economic security, health care, and caregiving responsibilities, especially for women and girls of color," Biden said. "Those who perform critical work, including those who care for our children and our families, are too often overlooked, underpaid, and undervalued."

This month, the Library of Congress is hosting various events that highlight women who have and still are working to make a difference. They include a symposium about women in tech and a panel discussion on women in fields such as music and photography.

Next year, the National Archives Museum will open a new exhibit that will include stories and artifacts related to women in sports, including Wilma Rudolph, Billie Jean King, and Althea Gibson.