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Wrestler racking up wins one year after being told 'girls don't play boys' sports'

Posted at 12:32 PM, Nov 10, 2020

LANCASTER, N.Y. — It's win after win, title after title. One year after the Lancaster District Medical Director denied 13-year-old Trista Blasz the chance to wrestle on the JV team, writing "girls don't play boys sports in Lancaster Schools," Trista has won dozens of tournaments and competitions.

"It’s been like all wrestling. Non-stop wrestling," Trista said, "I’ve gotten first at like all of them. And just been like undefeated in like all of them. I think I’ve only lost a couple times at them."


The Lancaster 8th grader has been traveling around the country competing in tournaments against both girls and boys.

11-year-old Max McCarthy has witnessed Trista's success for five years. They have wrestled together at the Bison Wrestling Club for years. The two frequently win tournaments together, where he watches how competition views her.

"Sometimes they think, ‘Oh, she’s just a girl, who cares.' But some boys are like 'Oh, this is Trista. She’s good.' I wrestle her. I don’t treat her different," Max said.

Just a year ago, Trista was treated different. The Lancaster District Medical Director didn't clear her to wrestle on the high school's JV boys' team, writing "girls don't play boys sports in Lancaster Schools."

Shortly after 7 Eyewitness New's story aired, the school board cut ties with the former Lancaster District Medical Director Dr. Michael Terranova. A new review panel was then formed, clearing Trista to wrestle on the JV boys' team.

A few months later, Trista was moved up to wrestle on the boys' varsity team. She also met her role model, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, or Beth Copland. Copland attended college in Buffalo.


This year, Trista's mom Danielle Blasz said it's a much easier process to have Trista evaluated to play on the high school boys team.

"They said she doesn’t have to take her APP test because her score was amazing last year. I also emailed them saying does she have to see the school doctor for approval. He said no. She just has to see her primary doctor," Blasz said.

Next year, Trista will compete on the New York National Team.

"They travel all over the world. They go to like Japan and they go to Fargo which is a really big tournament," Trista said.

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